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Tasha Paul Babysitter


Tasha Paul is 33 years old and a nanny by profession, with a Certificate in Early Child Care Development. She has worked as a kindergarten teacher for eight years. It was during these years that her love and care for children grew. She has seemingly endless energy and has a love of swimming and snorkeling. Her wonderful people skills are most apparent when meeting new people and she is able to draw out the most timid of children.

The many compliments I received in the way I interacted with the kids led me to become a nanny.  My greatest joy and delight is to put a smile on a child’s face and joy in the heart.  Art and music are also very important with my time spent with the children.

For recommendations, contact The Kid’s Club at Caneel Bay Resort: 340-776-6111 ext 7205 and Westin resort: 340- 693-8000 ext 2267

Contact Tasha at 340-626-2907 or 340-775-5397 or, or simply contact us  We use her, recommend her and love her beautiful spirit.

For equipment rental – booster seats, etc:


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